New River Campus Opens at Boise WaterShed

By Julie Scanlin and Cindy Busche

Boise WaterShed River Campus

Drip. Drop. Sploosh!

Like raindrops dropping one by one on pavement, gathering together and gaining momentum as they flow to the river, the creative ideas of artists, engineers, educators, landscapers and exhibit designers flow together to form a confluence on the new River Campus at the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center.

A public grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, April 15 from 10:00-1:00 – join us to see the “new” WaterShed and the largest collection of Public Art in the State of Idaho.

The 2-acre living display and the renovated interior exhibit hall transform the messages of conservation and protection in an experiential way. However, it’s how the story is told that makes this a unique cultural destination.

boy and girlThrough the interpretation of artists, and the lens of science, we tell the story of our watershed through public art in the River Campus. Visitors will experience water cascading from the headwaters, flowing into Lucky Peak Reservoir. They can manage the water flowing from Lucky Peak Dam and stroll past the City of Trees, through a facsimile of the water renewal facility, then follow the flow of the river, past wildlife, agricultural areas, and a wetland.


interactive water displayVisitors will have a better understanding of how their actions upstream impact the water availability and water quality downstream. Families and young visitors will enjoy the sewer pipe play area and learn the importance of a healthy ecosystem with nature play in the interactive trail. More than 179,000 people have experienced the Boise WaterShed’s programs since 2008. The renovated exhibit hall and upgraded exhibits now welcome them back and invite new experiences for young and old.

BREN’s  Boise River Enhancement Plan recognizes the critical role of education facilities and programs in engaging the public in the important work of taking care of the Boise River. Congratulations to City of Boise and the Boise WaterShed Exhibits Inc. for investing in the future of our river and our community.


exterior photo