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BREN is recruiting and seeks an exceptional contractor for the position of Coordinator to implement our annual work plan established by an elected team of dedicated advisors from the local community.  The ideal contractor will fully embrace the vision of BREN and work with head-and-heart to fulfill our mission.

If you or someone you know may be interested please visit

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Boise Watershed Map

Enhancement of the Boise River

A healthy Boise River contributes immensely to the attractiveness of our communities and the strength of our economy. The Boise River provides numerous ecosystem services such as water supply, recreation and aesthetics. Its associated wetland and riparian systems filter and dilute pollutants, attenuate floods and erosion, and provide critical habitat for many species of birds and other wildlife. A healthy Boise River benefits us all. That’s why BREN’s mission is to promote the ecological enhancement of the Boise River.


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