The Board of Directors leads the Boise River Enhancement Network in achieving its mission to serve as a network of watershed stakeholders and promote the ecological enhancement of the Boise River through public education and by providing coordination, planning, and scientific resources.

This year the Board of Directors of the Boise River Enhancement Network (BREN) finalized their merger with the BREN Coordinating Team.  This laid a marker and is an important milestone in the over ten-year history of our local 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to keeping the Boise River a healthy, happy place for all to enjoy.

We expect this to lead to a more efficient use of our resources, timely decision making, and greater impact on-the-ground.  Some BREN members have chosen to take on greater responsibilities in BREN.  Because of work and family, others will continue in a role that requires less time, but with the same commitment and passion.  Still others will step aside to explore a new path.

BREN continues working in the public interest with our natural partners like the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, Idaho Rivers United, and the Idaho Conservation League.  

2023 Board of Directors

President: Rob Tiedemann , Ph.D.    Vice President: Darryl Kuhrt

Secretary: Christy Meyer   Treasurer: Tamsen Binggeli

Jonathan Lucas     Vicky Osborn

Will Tiedemann     Madeline Wyatt


Robert Tiedemann, Ph.D.Rob Tiedemann- President

The Boise River Enhancement Network, Inc. (BREN) is a passionate gathering of natural resource professionals, community conservationists, and volunteers. One of my favorite BREN moments was learning from a member that her principal reason for working with us is being among like-minded people that seek to do good on-the-ground.

With appreciation to our members, I presently serve as the President of the BREN Board of Directors. I am a consulting ecologist, researcher, and educator engaged with communities of scholars, practitioners, and other kindhearted people working to improve the condition of the natural world we share.

In brief, I have served as an officer or President of several 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations including as a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley and the East End Neighborhood Association, and as President of the Harris Ranch Wildlife Mitigation Association (HRWMA) and The Grapevine. Like BREN, these organizations serve the public interest, and are staffed by volunteers with a common purpose of working for a greater public good.

I have produced and presented at several events for BREN including the following peer to peer presentations:

  • Fundamentals of River Restoration, Idaho Chapter of American Water Resources Association (November 14, 2018)
  • A Reconstruction of the Geomorphic and Ecological History of Barber Pool (April 5, 2019);
  • Volunteers, Citizen Scientists, and Natural Resource Professionals . . . the Role of Non-Profits in the Protection of Idaho Rivers, Idaho Water Quality Workshop (January 26, 2021)

and the following invited presentations:

  • Ada County EXPO Idaho Citizens Advisory Committee, Key Informants Interview, Natural History of the Boise River and a Vision for its Future (August 12, 2020)
  • Invited Interview by the Urban Land Institute, Advisory Services Panel, Future Use of the Expo Idaho Property (June 22, 2021).

And, I have provided technical assistance at the request of BREN to Ada County, City of Boise, City of Middleton, HRWMA, Wood Duck Island Homeowners Association, Wood’s Ranch Homeowners Association, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and the BREN black cottonwood “Gather and Grow” project which works to “build the ark” to take us through a period of climate change.

My interest in leading BREN is largely founded on building a bridge from the past to the future. As one of the principal authors of the Boise River System Ordinance (1993) I have witnessed the value of the public process in building consensus for the conservation of the Boise River and its floodplain. I wish to share that, and other experiences throughout my professional career, with those who are eager to educate the community and advocate for the river.

Together we do hero’s work. Thank you for being one of our heroes.

Darryl Kuhrt – Vice President

Darryl is a man of few words.

Christy Meyer   Christy Meyer – Secretary

Christy is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner and a Certified Fisheries Professional and serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors. She has been involved with BREN since 2015, contributing to BREN’s organizational management and supporting numerous outreach and restoration events on the Boise River. Christy’s favorite thing about BREN is collaborating with BREN’s incredible network of supporters to enhance this river that is so valuable to our community.

Christy has a Master’s in Environmental Sciences and a Bachelors in Business Administration, and her professional background includes stream restoration, environmental permitting, and international development. She works as an ecologist and project manager for Tetra Tech in Boise.

Tamsen BinggeliTamsen Binggeli – Treasurer

Tamsen serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors and has been involved with BREN since its inception. She helped research and author the Boise River Enhancement Plan, and has worked to guide planning efforts, facilitate collaboration, perform outreach, and identify opportunities for enhancement along the Boise River.

Tamsen works as an Environmental Project Manager for Ardurra in Meridian. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho and has over 16 years of experience working in environmental planning, permitting, and resource evaluation.



Jonathan Lucas

I have my Bachelors of Science in Plant Ecology from the University of Ohio and am currently in a Masters program with the University of Idaho in Restoration Ecology and Habitat Management. After graduating, I spent two years working in environmental education; this experience helped prepare me to be better able to share my passion for the environment with others. I have worked in the field of ecological science out west for the last 8 years. I’ve worked with nonprofits, consulting companies, and private industry. Currently I work for the U.S. Forest Service at the Lucky Peak Nursery growing native plants for the purpose of restoration, mainly for replanting efforts after fires but some wetland/riparian restoration as well.

In my free time I like to get out on the water and I enjoy rafting, boating, and fishing. I have a deep passion for keeping wild places wild and conserving our natural resources. Living in Boise I spend a good amount of time recreating within the Boise river watershed and feel that protecting and preserving this ecosystem is incredibly important. I want to become more involved with active restoration projects locally specifically dealing with water.

Will Tiedemann

Madeline Wyatt

Vicky Osborn