BREN committees are filled with volunteers and board members that work as a team to accomplish their specific goals.  Most committees meet monthly for approximately two hours, and members might also assist at BREN events if they are available.  If you would like more information about a committee or are interested in joining, please contact us at


River Clean Up

Fundraising Committee

The fundraising committee plans sponsor opportunities such as BREN’s Idaho Gives Party and BREN Friend’s events.  They also help to identify, recruit and maintain contact with donors, send out annual donation forms and make sure that each and every person who donates is thanked.  Fundraising provides supplies for BREN projects like trash bags for river cleanups, germination trays for growing cottonwood, and tools and native plants for revegetation projects.  It also helps to support the one part time position in an otherwise fully volunteer organization.


BREN and BBP Bike Ride

Outreach Committee

The outreach committee helps to provide knowledge, educational events and presentations to schools and the community.  They collaborate with other non-profits in the area to host things such as the BREN and Boise Bicycle Project Native Plant Bike Ride or find speakers for our Riverside Chats.