Boise River Plan

The Boise River Enhancement Plan is a community-generated, informative, forward-looking Plan to improve water quality, aquatic and riparian habitat and stream channel function from Lucky Peak Dam to the Snake River. It’s a bird’s eye view of the current health of the river and a proposal to work cooperatively to enhance the ecosystem.

Download the plan: Boise River Enhancement Plan (pdf)

Download the appendices: Geomorphology, Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat, Wetland and Riparian Habitat, and Water Quality


A healthy Boise River contributes immensely to the attractiveness of our communities and the strength of our economy. The Boise River provides numerous ecosystem services such as water supply, recreation and aesthetics. Its associated wetland and riparian systems filter and dilute pollutants, attenuate floods and erosion, and provide critical habitat for many species of birds and other wildlife. A healthy Boise River benefits us all. That’s why BREN’s mission is to promote the ecological enhancement of the Boise River.

We do this mainly through:

  • Providing a forum for stakeholders to share information, ideas, technical expertise
  • Promoting research and providing educational programs
  • Partnering with stakeholders to prioritize and implement enhancement work

The Boise River Enhancement Plan is our primary enhancement tool – we use it to guide and prioritize projects.


The Enhancement Plan was developed through an extensive literature review.

Data Collection on Boise River








The Lower Boise River Watershed is located in the northwestern part of the Snake River Plain, encompassing 836,876 acres of rangeland, forest, agricultural and urban landscapes. The watershed most prominently features the Lower Boise River, which flows 64 miles northwesterly from Lucky Peak Dam southeast of Boise to its confluence with the Snake River west of Parma.

Boise Watershed Map


BREN’s mission is to guide and promote enhancement of the Boise River through collaborative efforts. Check out our BREN Blog for the latest updates on our activities and projects!

Boise River Projects