Boise River Water Trail

The Boise River can be boated from Lucky Peak Dam all the way to the Snake River, and every reach has something to offer the well-prepared boater.

This Boise River Water Trail Guide, written by Tom “Chel” Chelstrom,  provides a detailed description of the river including access points, portages and special features. Sections of this Guide can be printed or viewed on a mobile device to use as a reference while you visit the river.

Gary O Grimm,, produced this downloadable interactive Google Earth KMZ Tour that allows you to automatically play a 3D virtual fly over and “see” the locations of the same details as those in the printed guide.  Mobile devices can also access this Google Earth virtual tour.

Note: you should download the newest version of Google Earth ( )  to fully access the virtual tour. If you turn on the historical time slider and 3D Trees and buildings layers, you can access unique historical maps and 3D views for the Boise area, the state of Idaho and the entire world.

Get out and enjoy the Boise River.

Guide author Tom “Chel” Chelstrom enjoys the Boise River in his canoe.

Chel in canoe


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Boise River Water Trail Guide