Cottonwood Creek Daylighting Project


The confluence of Cottonwood Creek and the Boise River – March 2019

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The Boise River Enhancement Network is a partner in a cooperative project to ‘daylight’ Cottonwood Creek where it flows through Julia Davis Park and enters the Boise River. The creek currently runs through a stone flume under the park. A new open creek channel will be constructed for the creek benefiting fish and wildlife, water quality and park visitors, and the flume will be ‘retired.’ The project leads are City of Boise and Trout Unlimited.  Partners include the Intermountain Bird Observatory, Ada County Highway District, Golden Eagle Audubon Society, and Land Trust of the Treasure Valley. The project is funded, in part, by the US Bureau of Reclamation, the City of Boise Open Space and Clean Water Fund, and the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The Cottonwood Creek watershed is 8,000 acres and heads up in the Boise foothills at 5,600 feet.

Cottonwood Creek flows in a flume from Fort Boise to the Boise River. Most of the flume is open as it passes through the East End.
A new meandering channel will be created for Cottonwood Creek in this area.
Stormwater enters Cottonwood Creek, and the new natural channel will reduce pollutants reaching the Boise River.
This rendering gives an idea of the look of the future Cottonwood Creek. Created by Ecosystem Sciences Foundation.