Stay Safe and Stay With Us

Boise River Enhancement Network Members,

BREN’s Mission Statement starts off by saying … “We are a network of people that live work and play in the Boise River Watershed…” As such, BREN is nothing without all of you, our members. 

Our concern for the health and wellbeing of our members has increased along with the advance of the Coronavirus. So, in an effort the protect our greatest resource – YOU – we are following the guidance of our federal, state and local leaders by cancelling all scheduled BREN events that involve public gatherings. But, just as the river continues downstream, BREN will continue “… promoting the ecological health of the river” as stated in the second half of our Mission Statement. 

To achieve this with everyone’s health in mind, BREN is developing interesting, educational on-line opportunities. We envision this will include blogs, web-based presentations, as well as fun facts and photos pertaining to the Boise River. As always, we’d like to engage you in this endeavor. So please reach out to us if you have fun, interesting, pertinent content and ideas you’d like to share

In initiating this program, we hope to remind everyone of just how fortunate we are to be able to “live work and play in the Boise River Watershed.” And, in this spirit of gratitude, we’d like to express our thanks to all our members for your continued support in all our endeavors. Our thanks also go out to all of those in our community who are potentially risking their health and wellbeing for ours; everyone from our leaders, first responders to those of you who help stock our shelves and keep our lights on, so to speak. YOU are the ones that help make the Boise River Watershed such a great place to live. Thank you all!

Please do all you can to keep yourselves, your families, your neighbors and our community healthy!

Michael Homza, Chairperson, Boise River Enhancement Network Coordinating Team