BREN Cleanup Flotillas Tackle the Trash

BREN volunteers took to the Boise River to tackle the trash and they made quite the haul. The adventurous crews launched kayaks, rafts, SUPs, canoes, IKs, float tubes and a catamaran armed with indestructible orange bags donated by Brady Industries. They stuffed cans, glass and plastic bottles, t-shirts, underware, cups, wrappers, lighters, balls, butts, fishing line, sunglasses, and dozens and dozens of shoes into the bags. Bigger items including rugs, road construction signs, a shopping cart, chairs, pipes, sleeping bags, and paddles were piled high in the garbage scows.  A scooter that was pulled out of the water by Broadway Bridge was returned curbside in working order.

Flotilla #1 floated from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park on August 30. Flotilla #2 floated from Willow Lane Park to Glenwood Bridge on Sept. 3.  Flotilla #3 floated from West Park Center bridge to Ann Morrison Park on Sept. 20. Lots of trash was found on the heavily-used beaches, and there were many super eddies that were like mini-landfills full of mossy flips flops, balls and bottles. There’s plenty of trash still out there, so don’t hesitate to grab a hefty bag and pick up trash on your own.

Big thank to our partners – Ada County Extension, Boise Parks and Recreation, Brady Industries, GEICO of Treasure Valley and the Idaho Conservation League.

Thanks to Our Volunteers

Flotilla Crew #1 – Dale Reynolds, Roger Rosentreter, Adam Bass,  Jeff Sharples, Julia Page, Kristin Haustveit and Meg Fereday

Flotilla Crew #2 – Dale Reynolds, Roger Rosentreter, Zack and Molly Autin, Adam Bass, Dave Kordiyak, Jeff Sharples and Mark Utting

Flotilla Crew #3 – Kristin Raese, Jacob Anderson, Nicole Lasich, Maureen O’Leary, Adam Bass, John and Anne Olden, Erin Zaleski, Marie Kellner, Thom Hearne, Chris Denker and Louisa Evers.

raft with garbage    Ik and canoe with garbage

kayak with trash    boats on beach

  canoe with trash

volunteers with trash    carrying trash

man with trash  girl with trash

raft with trash    flotilla on beach