Boise Hires Restoration Specialist

The City of Boise hired me on September 1, 2016 in a newly created Parks and Recreation position, Foothills Restoration Specialist. While a large portion of my position includes foothills rehabilitation and restoration, 25% of my time will be spent working on improving riparian habitat along the Boise River and associated waterways.

The City of Boise developed of an updated version of The Boise River Resource and Management and Master Plan in 2013, and the plan was adopted by City Council in December 2014. This document addresses natural resource and identifies a need for an invasive species management plan along the river corridor. Many invasive species are problematic along the river, but some more so than others.

invasive plant

Boise Parks and Recreation is committed to implementing an active management strategy to reduce invasive species, but seeks feedback from experts and concerned citizens regarding prioritization of which species require removal and management first. We are also interested in collaborating with BREN and other special interest groups to determine priority areas for management and eradication trials.

I hope to meet you at the Invasive Species Workshop co-sponsored by BREN and City of Boise on November 17 from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm at the Boise Depot.

Martha Brabec

Foothills Restoration Specialist
Department of Parks and Recreation

Phone #  208.493.2535
E-Mail –