A Typical Day—in Rhyme

By Tom McCabe

The Screech Owl sings in the middle of the night

The Juncos are feeding at first light.

Goldfinches come—American and Lesser

I grab the binos from the dresser.

A Robin whinnies and a House Finch sings

Mourning Doves come and flutter their wings.

A Nuthatch calls as I head out the door

Bundled for the cold, but happy to the core.

Yellow-rumped Warbler greets me daily

Cedar Waxwings whisper gaily.

A Downy Woodpecker calls to me

I know it’s him though I cannot see.

At State Street the “Church Pigeons” sit on a cross

While a group of Crows decide who’s boss.

Magpies and Collared Doves make their noise

While Ruby Crowned Kinglets look like toys.

Then on to the river and the many water birds

They gather in numbers that look like herds.

Mallards and Wigeons and Gadwalls, oh my,

Plus both kinds of Mergansers, then a Heron flies by.

A Bald Eagle sits in a tree by the river,

Every time I see him it gives me a shiver.

The pleasure at showing him to any and all

Who wouldn’t have noticed him though he sits so tall.

I hear the Geese honk and the Kingfisher rattle

While down in the brush the Wren seems to tattle.

A Red-tail sits and surveys a field

Though often to a Kestrel he must yield.

The Wood Ducks are plenty and pretty as can be

And Common Goldeneye are a sight to see.

A Northern Pintail is an occasional star

And sometimes a Merlin appears from afar.

These are my friends that I look for each day

Though often when they see me, they fly away.

But I still keep biking and looking around

Hoping to find one that no one has found.

A daily quest that keeps me going

Although I never go out whenever it’s snowing.

It makes me happy in these crazy times,

Watching birds and making rhymes.