Fall at the Reserve

With support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, BREN, the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley and many other community partners have started a new project at the City of Boise’s Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve. The goals of the 18-month project are to improve hillside habitat at the reserve and introduce new visitors to the urban open space.

Alan Crockett
Alan Crockett plants willow donated by Idaho Power at the reserve on Nov. 3
Xylem Inc. employees Marie, Michael, Ladd and Kristin spent a morning removing russian olive trees at the reserve.
BREN Coordinating Team member Lisa Harloe points out ducks to Indra, a new resident from Bhutan on Oct. 30.
Mu Hla Htoo and Hserry enjoy bird watching during a project field trip on Oct. 17.


The reserve has a variety of wetland and hillside habitat. Photos by Ken Miracle.


Many birds are found at the reserve. Photos by Art Robertson.