Seeking Nominations for BREN Coordinating Team

We’re looking for BREN members to join our Coordinating Team!

BREN Coordinating Team
The Boise River is shared among everyone in the Treasure Valley, and BREN membership and leadership is inclusive. Land owners, water users, consultants, researchers, resource managers, river recreation enthusiasts, teachers, environmental advocates, government workers, water managers, business owners and all those who live, work and play in the Boise River Watershed are encouraged to apply.

The BREN Coordinating Team is elected by the General Members to act on behalf of BREN. Nominations for 7 seats on the BREN Coordinating Team are now open. Please complete this Coordinating Team application by August 31, 2017. We hope you will apply!

Responsibilities and Election Process

The Coordinating Team is delegated the authority to act on behalf of the Boise River Enhancement Network:

  • The Coordinating  Team  will  provide  direction  to  BREN  in  order  to  achieve BREN’s vision, including setting goals, policies and procedures
  • The Coordinating Team will hold at least 6 meetings per year
  • Each member of the Coordinating Team will participate in most of the Coordinating Team  meetings  each  year,  demonstrate  a  commitment  to  BREN  through  involvement  in  BREN work and cooperate with others to fulfill BREN’s vision.

The Coordinating Team election will be held online for seven days starting September 18, 2017. All BREN members are eligible to cast one vote for each of the vacant Team seats. If there are more candidates than Team seats, then the candidates with the most votes will be elected.